Judge Amy Coney Barrett was announced as the official Supreme Court Justice nominee by President Trump on Saturday. A devout Catholic and mother of seven, including two adopted children from Haiti and a special needs child, Barrett is fiercely pro-life and pro-family. Previously a professor of law at Notre Dame Law School, she has served as a circuit-judge on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals since 2017. National Public Radio referred to Barrett as a “dream for the Right, nightmare for the Left.”


    The Right praises Barrett and supports Trump’s choice. The editors of National Review called Barrett an “intelligent and thoughtful conservative who has demonstrated a career-long commitment to the rule of law,” and Chair of the Republican National Committee Ronna McDaniel praised Barrett’s “sound jurisprudence…along with her stellar credentials and character.” The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board wrote that Republican Senators should confirm her nomination and leave “a significant legacy in restoring proper constitutional government.” The Federalist‘s Joy Pullman said Barrett’s “very existence repudiates the Left’s binary thinking about womanhood, that women have to deny what makes women different from men to achieve professionally. And that’s why they hate her.”

    “The inherent dignity of all life is no mere slogan or academic concept for Barrett. Perhaps a large family like hers is unusual for a woman of Barrett’s social class and profession. Then again, as one highly accomplished lawyer put it in 2007, it’s ‘good for the public to see that women come in all sizes and shapes, just as men do, and they don’t necessarily look alike or think alike.’ That lawyer was Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

    Sohrab Ahmari, op-ed editor of the New York Post


    The Left believes Barrett is a religious extremist and is outraged at Trump’s choice. Feminist activist and lawyer Amee Vanderpool, calling the nomination “heart wrenching,” tweeted that “[Barrett’s] right to freedom of religion does not extend over my right to freedom FROM her religion.” It is said by many that her nomination and possible confirmation before the November election is both unethical and despicable. Freelance journalist Kaylen Ralph argued that “having a conservative, anti-abortion woman replace RBG on the Supreme Court will put the rights of anyone who is not a white, straight male at risk.” Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBTQ advocacy group in the US, called her an “absolute threat.”

    “Amy Coney Barrett is an affront to everything that Justice Ginsburg fought for. All of the progress that has been made—for women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people, and more—could be rolled back if Barrett is confirmed. So much is at stake. No confirmation before inauguration.”

    Women’s March 2020 tweet

    Some on the Left have questioned the validity and motive of Barrett’s adoption of two Haitian children, as well.

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