Lawmakers in California have proposed a new piece of legislation, AB-2826, which aims to do away with gendered children’s sections in department and other stores. The law, which would apply to retailers with 500 or more employees, would require stores to have unisex children’s sections and would bar signage indicating whether an item is intended for boys or girls. Stores that are found in violation of the legislation would be fined $1,000. The rule would apply to retailers that sell “childcare items, children’s clothing, or toys” and would include online retailers, as well.


    The Right opposes the legislation. LifeSite News noted that, ironically, conservative satire news organization The Babylon Bee posted an article a year ago about the very thing now taking place. The article jokingly stated that California had proposed legislation banning “anti-science ‘boy aisles’ or ‘girl aisles’ like the ones used in deplorable states.” It read: “Now shoppers can search the entire store before finding the gender nonconforming toy that is right for them.” Since the actual legislation has been proposed, Babylon Bee managing editor Joel Berry tweeted, “WELP… another @TheBabylonBee prophecy fulfilled.” Chrissy Clark, staff writer for The Daily Wire, noted that, despite the many pressing matters currently facing California, the “Assembly appears far more interested in passing bills focused on virtue signaling to those who ascribe to traditional gender roles and biological differences between the sexes.”

    “Mandating different aisles for boys and girls toys and clothing is a bizarre attempt to thwart nature that is guaranteed to do more harm than good. The division of these products in stores is a product of nature, not of some fictional hierarchy invented by Mike Pence and social conservatives.”

    David Marcus, Correspondent with The Federalist


    The Left celebrates the idea and argues that the legislation is a move towards respecting people’s self-identity. Alphonso David, president of the LGBTQ advocacy group Human Rights Campaign, stated, “How people self-identify is important to how they live in the world.” Cristina Garcia, a member of the California State Assembly and co-author of the bill, said the bill is about “inclusivity” and giving kids a “safe space” to figure out who they are.

    “It’s really important that toys and kids’ sections be neutral in order to give kids as many opportunities to flourish and develop and be creative. We should allow our kids to explore and try different things and let them come to their own conclusion of how they will identify themselves.”

    Cristina Garcia

    Assemblyman Evan Low, leader of the California Legislative LGBT Caucus and co-sponsor of the bill, argued that the legislation would “help children express themselves freely and without bias.” 

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