The only known fatality in the Nashville, Tennessee, bombing on Christmas Day was that of Anthony Quinn Warner, the man said to be responsible for the attack. Over 40 buildings were damaged by the explosion. Law enforcement found human remains, and DNA testing proved them to be the body of 63-year-old Warner. A motive is unknown, and investigation into the situation continues. Prior to the explosion, which came from an RV parked on 2nd Avenue in downtown Nashville, gunshots were heard and recordings played from the vehicle. They included a clip from Petula Clark’s 1964 song “Downtown” and an automated voice warning people to evacuate the area before the explosion. Prior to the bomb exploding around 6:30 a.m., six Nashville officers entered the area, helping evacuate residents from building in the area.


    The Right condemns the bombing and praises the officers involved as heroes.

    “In a year that’s seen unprecedented demonization of law enforcement and repeated calls to ‘defund the police,’ the Nashville explosion reminded us what those who hold that thin blue line do for us, our families, and our communities.”

    Tomi Lahren, political commentator

    National Review Senior Political Correspondent Jim Geraghty wrote, “The Christmas Day explosion in downtown Nashville wasn’t just frightening terrorism; it was creepy, with an almost cinematic sense of timing and drama.” Law enforcement analyst James A. Gagliano noted, “While the Nashville investigation is still going and more answers may be discovered, we may never fully understand the why. It remains a Christmas miracle that we will not be forced to bury any innocent victims this week. Let’s be thankful for that. Let’s also be thankful for the brave first responders in Nashville and hope the investigators arrive at some answers soon.” Some on the Right are skeptical of the narrative. “The same FBI that ‘solves’ Nashville in 24 hours, spends years not looking at Hillary’s, Epstein’s and Hunter’s laptops. See what we’re dealing with?” read one tweet.


    The Left notes Trump’s silence and points to the double standard, arguing that government and law officials refuse to describe Warner as a terrorist but would quickly have done so if Warner were a Muslim or “non-white” individual. “CBS News has obtained a photo of Nashville terrorist & suicide bomber Anthony Warner and yet, ‘Authorities would not say if the bombing is being considered domestic terrorism.’ Imagine being a suicide bomber & STILL not a terrorist,” tweeted Democratic human rights activist Qasim Rashid.

    “The threatening displays of white rage around the country lately, are happening with such frequency and ferocity, because participants know that they have in this president, a dedicated advocate, a willing partner, a powerful accomplice. #nashvhillebombing.”

    John Pavlovitz, progressive activist and pastor

    Comedian and journalist Dean Obeidallah stated that if Warner had been a Muslim, he “would be called a TERRORIST by every media outlet.” He added, “But since the bomber is a 63 year old white man named Anthony Warner we will instead hear words like ‘loner’ and ‘recluse’ as opposed to terrorist.”

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