After months of a stalemate, Democratic and Republican Congressional leaders have agreed upon a $900 billion Covid relief package. While the bill has not yet passed, members of Congress are expected to vote Monday on the measure, which will then be presented to President Trump for his signature. Included in the package are one-time $600 direct payments to individuals who make less than $75,000 a year, plus an additional $600 for every child. It is expected that it could take the IRS up to two weeks to begin delivering the payments if the package is approved. As far as unemployment benefits, those eligible would receive an additional $300 of benefits per week up through the month of March. Among other things, the bill would allocate $284 billion to the Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses, $25 billion for rental assistance (and include an extension to the eviction moratorium), and $10 billion in childcare assistance.


    The Left criticizes both the bill and the Right for not being willing to spend more. It is argued that the package is severely underfunded. Bestselling author Don Winslow tweeted, “Correct headline: Mitch McConnell got 98% of what he wanted and used his power to make Democrats cut the aid package by 2/3 and the direct payments by HALF! $600 is not nearly enough for a family. This is terrible.” Progressive political activist Peter Daou stated, “The entire $900 billion #stimulus package is…LESS THAN WHAT U.S. BILLIONAIRES POCKETED SINCE MARCH.”

    “Mitch McConnell held the American people hostage for 8 months, only to give American families $600. That’s not a stimulus package; that’s a slap in the face.”

    Kim Mangone, former California Congressional Candidate

    An article from The New York Times said the package will likely prevent thousands of people from sinking into a “winter of poverty,” but added, “The injection of money comes months too late for tens of thousands of failed businesses, however, and it may not be enough to sustain unemployed workers until the labor market rebounds. Moreover, it could be the last help from Washington the economy gets anytime soon.”


    The Right criticizes the bill and points out unnecessary provisions such as billions of dollars in relief to Cambodia and other countries. Political analyst Erielle Davidson tweeted, “A stimulus bill for a pandemic should be a stimulus bill for a pandemic, not an appropriation of funds for Pakistani gender programs and a structuring of some climate council. Wtf.”

    “Why does Nancy Pelosi’s ‘stimulus’ bill give 700 MILLION dollars to Sudan while millions of Americans are out of work? President Trump should immediately veto this insane, America-Last legislation.”

    Charlie Kirk, Founder and Executive Director of Turning Point USA

    Many Republicans in Congress have also criticized the fact that they are not given adequate time to assess the 5,600 page bill. “Looks like this is going to be another ‘we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it‘ kind of vote,” noted Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO). Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) agreed, stating that it is “absurd” that Congress is expected to vote “on a bill nobody has had time to read.” He noted that they are only given a matter of hours to do so and added, “#CongressIsBroken.” Matt Couch, political analyst and founder of The DC Patriot media company, stated, “You know what would be better than a $900 billion stimulus bill and a $600 check? ENDING the damn lockdowns!!!”

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