An ongoing Supreme Court battle ensues over the “birth-control mandate” in the Affordable Care Act. The Obama administration enacted the measure, which includes a requirement for employers to provide employees with access to birth-control in their healthcare plan. However, the Trump administration enacted greater exemptions from this in 2017, which the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey challenged. Hearings currently continue over whether the exemptions will be upheld or overturned. 


    The Left says that the plan set in place by Obama still allowed employers who objected to contraceptives to provide coverage for their employees while not having to pay for it themselves.

    One of the Supreme Court’s most liberal judges Sonia Sotomayer stated her understanding of the importance of religious freedom, but also expressed concern that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act could “authorize harm to other people,” namely the women to whom it deprives coverage.


    The Right is opposed to the contraceptive mandate, claiming it opposes the religious liberties of employers. Many lobby for the upholding of Trump’s exemptions. Those on the Right state the “opt-out” option required an extensive process on the side of employers, thus still placing a substantial burden on employers.

    “We cannot hold the hands of the dying elderly while at the same time facilitating the ending of pre-born life. Our faith will not allow it,” wrote Sister Loraine Marie Maguire of the Little Sisters of the Poor, a Catholic charity involved in the Supreme Court Case. Apart from the government, the biggest providers of healthcare and charity services to the poor and vulnerable in our nation are Catholic-run charities.

    Certain conservative Supreme Court justices have expressed the tension of the need to uphold religious liberty, as well as the importance of limiting sweeping federal laws – both of which are conservative values.

    Chief Justice John Roberts, generally conservative-leaning, and Justice Stephen Breyer, generally more liberal, both expressed dismay that the opposing sides could not work together to create a plan which would allow for religious rights while also offering women access to birth-control.

    A Lucid Foote Note:

    The purview of the state is up to the people. The encroachment of the civil government into the bedrooms of the people seems incredible. If the people want that kind of encroachment, it should be determined by a vote. Condoms cost about .50 a piece. The mandate by a governmental entity to force an employer to pay for their worker’s sexual devices is silly. Forcing employers to pay for abortions-which many believe is the greatest wrong in our era-is immoral.

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