We reported on the Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19) early on. Now it is on our shores, and affecting our world in a significant way.

    “Schools shut down across much of Europe. Gatherings were canceled or banned from California to Germany. And the coronavirus reached directly into the world’s centers of power Thursday, with politicians in Canada, Brazil, Spain and elsewhere either testing positive for the new virus or putting themselves in quarantine.” AP News

    “Leaders at all levels of sports, including the NCAA, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, golf, tennis, and soccer, decided the risk of playing games with the threat of the virus hanging over them was too great” and suspended or canceled upcoming games. AP News

    “Walt Disney Co (DIS.N) will close its theme parks in California and Florida and its resort in Paris from this weekend through the end of the month due to the global outbreak of coronavirus, the company said on Thursday.” Reuters

    Right & Left

    With the impending election coming both sides are pushing hard to do everything possible to curb the tide of the virus.

    “For all the foreboding about the novel coronavirus—foreboding that is justified—it is heartening to see the American people responding in ways reminiscent of the frontier spirit. Most people are doing what they have to do to survive a clear and immediate threat to their lives and communities… Given the scale and costs of voluntary mitigation underway, the moment has arrived for the relevant authorities in Washington to inform the American people more precisely about the purpose and parameters of social distancing… 

    “Mr. Trump should assemble his specialists prominently to describe the realities and goals of all these voluntary closures. They ought to explain the math behind minimizing person-to-person transmission of the virus—the so-called reproduction number. Or why it’s important to suppress infectious spread before the onset of detectable symptoms… We no longer live on the frontier. Science may not fully understand this virus yet, but it knows a lot about the reasons for dislocating a nation’s social and economic life. It’s time for leaders to explain this to a worried but resilient American public.”
    Editorial Board, Wall Street Journal

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