While we still know relatively little about the new virus sweeping across China, the impact of the disease continues to expand. 56 million Chinese citizens have been quarantined and both Tibet and Mongolia have closed their borders to China to attempt to halt the spread of the virus. The number of confirmed cases jumped from just under 2,800 yesterday to over 5,600 today. Additionally, the Chinese government confirmed that the death toll moved up from 81 to 107. China has admitted that it is monitoring an additional 30,000 people who may be infected with the virus. Some, however, suspect that the real numbers may already be much larger – the Guardian is reporting that up to 100,000 people could be infected. The increasingly dire situation in central China has prompted President Xi Jingping to call the Virus “A Devil.”

    For now, the virus infection rate is following a parabolic curve, doubling roughly every week. It remains to be seen if this trend continues but if it does then the Coronavirus will quickly escalate into a worldwide pandemic. Several people have called for a suspension of flights from China to the US, for now, flights continue to come to the US from areas affected by the outbreak. Five cases have been confirmed in the US – all people who had been to China – while another 100 American’s are under observation. As of this writing, 18 countries in total have confirmed cases but only China has recorded fatalities from the Virus. What is perhaps most troubling is that people who have contracted the virus can spread it without exhibiting any symptoms, this makes it very difficult to contain. What remains to be seen is just how deadly the virus will prove to be, how far-reaching its scope will be, and how fast it will replicate.

    An English doctor put together a detailed video describing the virus, the science behind it and what the medical implications maybe. It’s a balanced and sensible view of all the complex factors surrounding Coronavirus.

    Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity, who holds his PHD in pathology, wrote an article on the outbreak where he describes the degree to which the Chinese government and the WHO maybe understating the severity and potential danger of the Coronavirus. He has also been posting short video updates as the situation progresses.

    Johns Hopkins has put up a site with an interactive map which displays real time case data, here.

    A Lucid Note: we normally bring the right and the left perspective on issues, but our updates are not always as politically polarizing, as such this story is related directly to factual issues related to the story.

    By Daniel Luster

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