The Coronavirus is moving rapidly and in a terrifying way. To see the hashtag #wuhan will somber the most outright skeptic. Hospitals are crowded, people line the streets–some passing out on the streets, and doctors are breaking down. A central question is: where did this deadly virus come from?

    World Health Org.

    Some researchers may have discovered the origins of the virus, named 2019-nCoV by the World Health Organization (WHO). The study notes that the first person diagnosed with 2019-nCoV, the coronavirus visited a market in Wuhan snakes were available for purchase–at least that is the theory. The study showed a new virus was likely formed due to the mixing of coronavirus strain normally found in bats with another strain of an “unknown origin.” The new virus was produced, displaying a mix, or “recombination,” of the proteins that bind to host cell receptors. The ability to combine within the binding protein is what likely created the virus’ cross-species transmission from snakes to humans.

    Alternative View

    There is a hypothesis being forwarded that the coronavirus was manufactured, and is in fact a weaponized virus that broke loose escaping a Chinese Lab, known as the Wuhan Virology Institute, which was developed to study deadly diseases, and potentially develop weapons for the Chinese government.

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