Around 3 AM Eastern Time Zone on Wednesday morning, with Biden ahead at 238 electoral votes and Trump sitting at 213, news outlets stopped updating results, and it was reported that counting had halted for various reasons in the remaining states. The states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, all extremely important swing states in the presidential outcome, showed President Trump in the lead at that point in time. This morning, as America woke up from a restless night of slumber, it was reported that Biden was in the lead in nearly all of the states previously mentioned. The final results are still undetermined, but there is much speculation from both sides. 


    The Left argues that what happened was simply parr for the course: Georgia had to temporarily stop because of “burst pipes” at an Atlanta counting-facility, and North Carolina stopped simply because all ballots were in. In Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, it was said the counting didn’t stop altogether, but rather, that they were counting mail-in ballots, which is a longer process, resulting in a delay of information. It was also pointed out that absentee ballots, counted last, were already expected to favor Democrats, something they say that the results are confirming. It is also argued that Trump is doing exactly what was suspected: contesting “fair and legitimate” election results. However, this election has turned out to be less of a land-slide than many Democrats were hoping for or expecting.

    “Democrats had hoped that four years of turmoil, attacks on norms and institutions and mendacity – plus a pandemic that cost 230,000 lives – would result in a quick, clean and overwhelming repudiation of the 45th president…But on another miserable night for pollsters, it did not turn out that way.”

    David Smith, Washington Correspondent for The Guardian

    However, they are now certain he is on the path to victory.


    The Right believes the circumstances are extremely suspect and notes that “not ALL mail-in ballots are Democrat,” as the results supposedly showed. It is argued that the counting of ballots was suspiciously stopped as Trump was in the lead, only for Biden to then suspiciously gain hundreds of thousands of votes overnight in numerous states. Meanwhile, Trump initially gained zero. Zero.

    “While we were asleep, Michigan just happened to ‘find’ 138,339 ballots. And all 138,339 ballots just happened to be votes for Biden.”

    Mike Yoder, Constitutional Litigation Political Consultant and Trump 2020 Legal Advisory Board

    Talk of election fraud and the Left’s attempt to “steal the election” is rampant among the Right. President Trump is suing in both Pennsylvania and Michigan, and demanded a recount in Wisconsin, where “irregularities in several Wisconsin counties” sparked “serious doubts about the validity of the results.” “President Trump’s Campaign is moving to intervene in the existing Supreme Court litigation over the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s unlawful extension of the mail-in ballot receipt deadline,” said a statement by Trump’s Deputy Campaign Manager Justin Clark. In Michigan, they are “demanding better access for campaign observers to locations where ballots are being processed and counted,” access which has thus far been denied. The Right is still hopeful, and says they will not give up the fight yet. “Either candidate had a path to win by our deadline,” wrote The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board.

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