Burst capillaries discovered in Epstein’s post-mortem investigation seems to suggest that the convicted pedophile was likely murdered through strangulation and did not hang himself, a forensic pathologist says in a TV interview.

    In November 2019, almost half of Americans believed that Epstein had been murdered because of his connections with the rich and powerful and their misdeeds, but that belief was without evidentiary findings surrounding the death itself. Another fact, apparently relevant, is Epstein’s legs were pale and not purple or bluish, which would have been the case had he hanged himself at the Manhattan Correctional Center.


    It seems like this is not a very polarizing issue. Both sides of the nation either believe it happened or have determined to stay out of the fray, but those beliefs are not related to party lines. In either case, we can all agree that Epstein was an international reprobate, and perhaps, worse a picture of how corrupt certain members of our elite have become.

    Luckily, the meme kingdom seems like they are not letting this one go.


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