Polls for the presidential election are showing results ranging from a Biden lead by an average of 10 points to a Trump win of 280 electoral votes. Here’s what the Left and Right think:


    The Left is mostly confident Biden will win. According to Nate Cohn from the The New York Times, “Biden would get more than 300 electoral votes if the 2016 errors repeated themselves exactly in 2020,” wrote CNN analyst Harry Enten, referring to the polling errors from the 2016 presidential election.

    “The 2020 election is coming down to the wire, and millions of Americans are freaking out. They’re afraid President Donald Trump will surge at the end and win, as he did in 2016. But there are good reasons to think that won’t happen, based on measurable differences between the two elections. Joe Biden is in a much better position than Hillary Clinton was.”

    William Saletan, National Correspondent for Slate

    Matt Grossmann, the Director of the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research and FiveThirtyEight polling contributor argued, “General election voters still perceive Biden as relatively moderate, and historically, more moderate presidential candidates generally do better in general elections.”


    The Right is optimistic Trump will win. “President Trump has a clear path to 270 electoral votes and he’s busy earning each and every one of them,” wrote David Bossie, chairman of the political advocacy group Citizens United. The New York Post‘s Michael Walsh agreed, arguing that Trump has multiple ways in which he can gain a “landslide” of 275 electoral votes. Some on the Right believe polls are intentionally exaggerated in order to discourage voters, “suggesting that pollsters may be deliberately overstating the strength of Democratic candidates in order to dampen Republican turnout.” Jim Lee of Susquehanna Polling and Research calls it “the very definition of ‘voter suppression.'” Former army staff sergeant and host of “Dear America Podcast” Graham Allen tweeted, “Biden’s campaign manager just said ‘Under no scenario will Donald Trump be declared a victor on election night.’ Ummmm the PEOPLE decide that! NOT THE BIDEN CAMPAIGN!! We the people!!”

    “Team Biden bet that an air war would win in a pandemic. So far, it looks like they’re going to lose, at least in Florida — and the fact that Biden showed up in Minnesota today hints that it’s failing even in safer states.”

    Ed Morrissey, Hot Air blogger
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