Prince Henry, the Duke of Sussex, is ridding himself of his royal title, and the duties and obligations attached thereto. It is a significant departure from the familial loyalty to the crown, and one that’s coming with significant fanfare. [Former] Prince Harry has said the public scrutiny is too much weight and would like to be loosed from the shackles of public life–included but not limited to press organizations that are actually hacking his phone. Bizarrely, they are giving up the use of their titles as “royal highnesses” (something they, reportedly, did want to keep), but they still get to call themselves the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


    Prince Henry has been emasculated to some degree, trading in his camos for a suit and tie, asking hollywood to give his wife a part in the Lion King. Oddly, they are leaving the crushing “fame” of Buckingham Palace for the seclusion and isolation of Holywood.


    This is a weird non-American sitcom of sorts. The left think it’s odd, they are [talking about] moving to Hollywood, while not actually fully renouncing their titles. Ostensibly, with all their frustrations of interposition, are not really attempting to leave the spotlight.

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