At least four healthcare workers have experienced severe reactions to the Pfizer vaccine after receiving the shot. Two of the healthcare workers were from the United Kingdom, and two were from Alaska. Three of the individuals’ symptoms were similar to anaphylaxis. All of the healthcare workers were given Benadryl or epinephrine. Experts are unsure what caused the allergic reactions, as none of the vaccine trial participants encountered similar reactions. Currently, the US is still recommending that individuals who have not experienced a previous allergic reaction to the Covid vaccine and who do not have a known allergy to any ingredient in the vaccine receive the shot. In contrast, the UK has issued a recommendation that “those with severe allergies…avoid the vaccine.”

    “We and CDC are continuing to investigate cases and consider data. At this point, we don’t have enough information to make definitive recommendations one way or another, and as we continue to investigate and evaluate the data we will consider whether additional recommendations need to be made.”

    Doran Fink, Deputy Clinical Director of the Food and Drug Administration’s Division of Vaccines

    In the UK, over 130,000 people have already been inoculated, and the U.S. is soon scheduled to receive 2.9 million doses of the vaccine. In New York, 5,200 healthcare workers have received the shot so far.


    The Left is worried that the reactions could cause hesitancy and distrust among the public regarding the vaccine. Newsweek science writer Aristos Georgiou wrote that the adverse reactions “should not make the general public ‘anxious‘.” In response to the question “Should people with allergies avoid Pfizer’s vaccine?” The New York Times tweeted, “No. Fewer than one in a million recipients of other vaccines a year in the U.S. have an anaphylactic reaction. Reactions are treatable, and much easier to control than a severe case of Covid-19.”

    “Please don’t let report of allergic reactions in 2 health care workers who got #Pfizer vax worry you. Both had history of allergies & carry ‘Epi-pens’ (epinephrine shots). For now, may hold off vaccinating those with severe allergies but still evaluating.”

    Monica Gandhi, Director of the Gladstone Center for AIDS Research

    Cardiologist and scientist Eric Topol tweeted that “we should anticipate rare, unexpected side effects. Real world ≠ Clinical trials.”


    The Right is critical of the vaccine. Gerard Batten, a founding member of the UK Independence Party, tweeted, “Woman takes new vaccine. Suffers reaction & nearly dies. But still glad she had it. She thinks it is worth it to protect her from a virus with a 99.8% recovery rate? We are witnessing the greatest exercise in mind control in the history of the World.” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., an environmental lawyer and anti-vaccination activist, tweeted, “Investigation this week identified polyethylene glycol (PEG) as likely reason 2 people in UK suffered anaphylaxis after receiving #Pfizer’s #vaccine. In Sept, I warned #FDA that PEG in #COVID vaccines could lead to severe allergic reactions.” Lyn Redwood, co-founder of the Coalition for Safeminds and National Autism Association, seconded this, writing:

    “Now we are left in a situation where life-threatening adverse events are occurring after widespread use of the vaccine has begun. A finger needs to be pointed squarely at the vaccine manufacturers and regulatory agencies who buried their heads in the sand to legitimate safety concerns in their rush to approve a COVID vaccine. Unfortunately, the public is now left to bear the burden of exposing these lapses in safety.”

    In response to a statement made by the chief executive of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency that such adverse reactions ‘were not a feature‘ of the vaccine trials, Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer Chief Science Officer, tweeted, “They wouldn’t be, as such individuals were excluded from the trials. Did MHRA even read the protocol? Not convincing.”

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