Instagram It Couple” is how one article referred to Mr. Chang Wan-ji, 83, and Ms. Hsu Sho-er, 84, who became unexpectedly famous after their grandson began styling them in clothes that were left behind at their Wansho Laundry laundromat in Taiwan. Since June, their instagram page @wantshowasyoung has gained a 542k following – and counting. “I had no idea so many foreigners would take interest in my grandparents,” said their 31 year old grandson Reef Chang who initiated the idea in an effort to “brighten up their lives.”

    Reef creates “eclectic, funky and fun” looks out of whatever clothing is left behind, borrowing accessories to pull the outfits together. “Dressed like that, I feel 30 years younger,” Mr. Chang commented on one outfit. Reef noted that his grandparents are surprisingly natural in front of the camera.

    “Their business is not always busy. They would doze off in the shop, and their spirits weren’t high. So I thought since our family has these clothes, I can remind people to pick up their clothes and remind my grandparents their life can still be great even in old age.”

    Reef Chang, grandson of Chang and Hsu

    The couple, married for over 60 years, have four children together. A common theme on their posts: Don’t forget to pick up your laundry. Last week, for the first time in the almost 70 years since Chang has worked at the laundry shop, a customer did just that: returned to collect their long- forgotten items and pay their bill.

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    如果今天還是秀娥氣勢贏,那我就會告訴萬吉,說應觀眾要求,必須出一篇秀娥特輯! 前幾天VOGUE的文章說到:「有一種愛叫萬吉和秀娥的愛❤️」,這是什麼愛?其實孫子也不知道,但當有人把整套好看的西裝送洗未取,拿來給兩人穿上,就算這次沒有相視而笑,就算衣服來自不同主人,也還是會覺得是情侶裝,這應該就是愛吧? 👴🏼萬吉(身長160) 成套西裝:至少20年以上未取成套雙排扣白西裝 內搭:8年以上未取布達佩斯紀念T(已找到新主人) 腰帶:萬吉的領帶 👵🏼秀娥(身長155) 成套西裝:至少15年以上未取全套卡其西裝 內搭:3年未取白t恤 💡溫馨提醒|洗衣服請記得拿、認同請分享❤️ These old clothes have been abandoned by customers at the laundry for years. Owners of the laundry store, Wanji and Sho-Er who are over 80 years old. Grandson just can’t bear to see them overwhelmed with bore everyday. So, ask them to reinterpret fashion, hoping to let everyone know that age is not a barrier to have fun in fashion and even old clothings can transformed into trendy outfits! 💡A friendly reminder|Don’t forget to pick up your laundry. #有一種愛叫萬吉和秀娥的愛 #萬秀洗衣店 #Wantshow #wantshowasyoung #grandparents – – – #mixandmatch #clothes #ootd #wiw #instafashion #style #fashion #couple #夫婦 #80代 #grandma #grandpa #dappei @dappei_tw #juksyootd @mixfitmag_snap #cool_ootd #plainme_snap #plainme_life #femmefuture @nataliadornellas @irdailystyle @styleshare_kr #classyvision #vintage #古着 #コーディネート #love

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