On Saturday afternoon, thousands of Trump supporters and patriots gathered in Washington D.C. for what was called the “Million MAGA March.” Protestors gathered, many holding signs reading, “Stop the steal,” “Count the legal votes,” and “Trump 2020.” At one point in the day, President Trump made a drive-through appearance, met by cheers and chants from the crowd. The march remained peaceful during daylight hours, but as the evening went on, violence erupted as counter-protestors incited violence against Trump supporters. Over 20 people were said to be arrested, and videos depicting the violent turn of events began to spread on social media platforms.


    The Right maintains their claims that the march was peaceful and that it was BLM activists and Antifa members who incited violence. Numerous videos show Trump supporters being harassed by counter-protestors, and multiple clips turn violent. One video shows explosives being thrown towards a restaurant where Trump supporters were dining. “Hey @JoeBiden, Where’s your call for peace when your supporters brutally attack innocent Trump supporters as they leave the MAGAmarch? It’s been over 24 hours. C’mon man,” tweeted actor Kevin Sorbo. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) stated, “Violent rioting—from Left or Right—is unacceptable. If you commit acts of violence, you should be arrested. Immediately. Where are the police?? Why are Dem politicians condoning BLM/ANTIFA violent assaults?”

    “The physical assaults today by violent leftists targeting his supporters is abhorrent. The near total media blackout of the violence is terrible…& telling.”

    Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY)

    Turning Point USA Contributor Jordan Rachel tweeted, “Of course BLM/Antifa showed up when the sun went down in DC. They would never miss an opportunity to physically hurt people they disagree with. What’s that called, again? —Oh yea, FASCISM.”


    The Left mocked the march. “The Million MAGA March is a huge failure. Dismal turnout with only the most hardcore pro-Trump losers in attendance,” wrote political activist Nathan Bernard.

    “The Million MAGA March is an offshoot of a larger ‘Stop the Steal’ nationwide protest movement, which incorrectly claims Democrats conspired to steal the election from Republicans…these claims have been rebutted by evidence — and some cases, by judges — but that has not stopped the president and his supporters from continuing to insist he actually won the election.”

    Katelyn Burns, Vox Political Writer

    CNN political analyst Jeffrey Evan Gold tweeted, “I saw more people in line at Whole Foods today to reserve an organic, non-HMO, free range thanksgiving Turkey.” BBC News wrote that thousands turned up in support of Trump’s “unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in the election.” The Independent, writing that President Trump was greeted by “hundreds” of supporters, stated, “The president did not win the presidential election, and in all likelihood lost the popular vote by millions, but he and his allies have continued to claim without evidence Democrats cheated the results in statements and a series of flagging lawsuits around the country.” However, far-left BuzzFeed News did admit that “tens of thousands” gathered at the event.

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