The Academy Awards organization has released new diversity guidelines aimed at “encouraging equitable representation” and fostering diversity in the film industry.

    “The rules lay out percentages or numbers of actors, production staff, marketing staff and internships on a movie that must be filled by people of color, women, people with disabilities or people from the LGBTQ community.”

    Reuters news staff

    The new standards apply to four areas, two of which must be fulfilled in order for a film to be eligible for the Best Picture award: cast and subject matter, department heads and behind-the-scenes crews, apprenticeship and training roles, and publicity and advertising positions.


    The Left supports the move but believes it won’t make a drastic difference, despite being a move in the right direction. “These are easy hoops for most modern movies to jump through,” wrote freelance writer and Guardian contributor Steve Rose. However, he added that the new guidelines are “small but significant steps in addressing a problem that will take a long time to correct.” Variety film awards editor Clayton Davis called the move “historic” and stated that “it encapsulated the example of the change that people in the street have been asking for since the murder of George Floyd.”

    “Even if the new guidelines allow ample workarounds, they will probably spur filmmakers, financiers and studio executives to take the issue of diversity more seriously.”

    Kyle Buchanan, pop culture reporter for The New York Times

    Washington Post opinion columnist Alyssa Rosenberg noted that the “well-intentioned” regulations leave too much room for interpretation and confusion.


    The Right criticizes the move but largely believes it will have “little impact.” National Review‘s Gabriel Rossman noted that “the changes will be much less dramatic than the headlines and social-media buzz implies,” arguing that film makers could easily accommodate two of the rules without too much changing.

    “These new Best Picture standards will undoubtedly lead to a trend of studios hiring minority staffers based entirely on the demands of an imposed set of quotas and not for any merit or talent…It will be Hollywood tokenism at its worst, and it will be institutionalized. “

    Becket Adams, senior commentary writer for the Washington Examiner

    It is argued that until the Academy Awards move away from “far left politics,” they will continue to sink into oblivion. It was also noted that the new regulations would likely affect small and independent film makers rather than the likes of Universal Studios or Warner Bros.

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