California Governor Gavin Newsom said in an announcement made on Monday that the state will be ending regional Covid lock-downs. California has been among the states with the most strict Covid measures in place. His new order will allow restaurants to re-open outdoor dining and will also end the shut down of other industries such as hair and beauty salons. Previously, Newsom has faced scrutiny for failing to follow his own orders after being caught at an indoor, group birthday party after he issued a stay-home order and told California residents to “stay home and save lives.” His recent decision has also faced much criticism – from both sides of the aisle, but for differing reasons. Newsom is currently facing a campaign attempting to recall him from office.


    The Left criticizes and disagrees with the decision. Sophia Benoit, a sex and relationships writer for GQ magazine, tweeted, “Gavin Newsom is doing the equivalent of telling people to move back into their house while it’s still on fire.” “Gavin Newsom probably got the vaccine already and wants to go out, so he just decided to open the restaurants,” wrote one twitter user. The Los Angeles Times noted that despite Covid numbers pointing in the right direction, experts say it “would not take a lot for the situation to spiral out of control again.”

    “Facts: 1. ICU availability in Southern California is at 0%! 2. A novel strain of COVID currently only in California has been detected! 3. They lowered air quality regulations in LA so they can burn more corpses! Now…given 1-3….why the F would @GavinNewsom re-open now???”

    Don Winslow, award-winning author and political activist

    “Governor Newsom’s government has thrown caution (not to mention the safety of tens of millions of people) to the wind,” wrote LA Podcast‘s Scott Frazier.


    The Right supports reopening the economy but decries Newsom’s hypocrisy and the “science,” or lack thereof, that the Left has claimed to follow. Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk tweeted, “ICU beds available when California locked down on December 3rd—1,673. ICU beds available when California re-opened on January 25th, five days after Inauguration—1,166. It was never about ICU capacity, hospitalizations, or even the virus. It was always about politics & power.” Similar to Newsom’s move, within days of President Biden being sworn in, Washington D.C. and Chicago also announced that they would reopen indoor dining, despite it being reported that Covid deaths were at an all-time high in the country. Kirk asked the question, “Coicidence?” Currently, a “Recall Gavin” campaign is underway in an effort to remove Newsom from office, regarding his handling of the virus and the shutdowns over the past year. Over 1.3 million Californians have signed the petition thus far, and it is believed that Newsom’s reopening decision is simply due to pressure from these actions being taken against him.

    “It was an unnecessary step when he shut us down. It’s a necessary step for him to open us up. Let’s just not pretend there’s a lot of science that he’s revealed behind his decision.”

    Don Wagner, Orange County Supervisor
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