Parler, the social networking platform that was recently suspended by Google, Amazon, and Apple, re-launched under the leadership of interim CEO Mark Meckler on Monday. Former CEO John Matze was fired soon after the suspensions. The previously mentioned media giants claimed that the platform had failed to regulate violent and extremist right-wing content and that the platform was connected to the recent Capitol riot. Meckler defended Parler, arguing that the platform had removed dangerous content as quickly as their team was able to.

    “Parler was built to offer a social media platform that protects free speech and values privacy and civil discourse. When Parler was taken offline in January by those who desire to silence tens of millions of Americans, our team came together, determined to keep our promise to our highly engaged community that we would return stronger than ever,” he stated.

    Parler announced it “wouldn’t be reliant on ‘Big Tech'” and will be hosted by web service company SkySilk.


    The Right believes that the pushback against Parler is simply more censorship by the Left and supports Parler’s ability to remain online. Referring to Parler’s initial ban from the online world, The Federalist staff writer Tristan Justice wrote,

    “The moves mark a major escalation of big tech’s long-coming purge of online voices competing with the leftist world order of Silicon Valley, where the California ruling class has capitalized on Wednesday’s unrest to silence opposition, ban the president from the 21st-century public square, and eliminate all alternatives.”

    Brigitte Gabriel, founder of nonprofit national security organization ACT for America, tweeted, “The internet is a better place with @parler_app!” The likes of Jenna Ellis, an attorney formerly apart of the Trump legal team, the Conservative Political Action Conference, the largest conservative gathering worldwide, and Benny Johnson, the Chief Creative Officer at Turning Point USA, all gave Parler shoutouts on Twitter following the news of its re-launch.


    The Left has been critical of Parler all along, and the re-launch doesn’t seem to have changed that. Issie Lapowsky, senior reporter with Protocol, argued that Parler “has resurfaced with much the same mission that got it deplatformed in the first place: to provide a safe space for dangerous speech.” Regarding a report claiming that “in the week before the Jan 6 riot, 87% of news links on the [Parler] app directed to known misinformation sites,” including a Macedonian website, liberal social media activist group Sleeping Giants replied, “Beyond the racism and threats that Rebekah Mercer’s new platform is allowing, it will enable foreign governments to sway their user base and hack our public conversation. That’s what happens when you don’t moderate.”

    “A frequent comeback from the Right now is, ‘What about unity, George?!’ Let me be clear: I don’t mean unity with hate mongers, white nationalists, conspiracy peddlers, or QAnon. Unity isn’t supposed to be a self-own. Those people can go scream themselves hoarse on Parler.”

    George Takei, actor and social justice activist
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