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    Speculation has picked up in recent weeks that Joe Biden could select Michelle Obama as his Vice President for the 2020 election.  Biden stated that he would “Take her in a heartbeat,” during an interview with a Pittsburgh media outlet.   Biden also stated that while he would love to have her as his running mate, he does not think Mrs. Obama has any desire to live in the White House again.  This sentiment was echoed by former Obama White House Senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett.  Ms. Jarrett stated, “She doesn’t want the job.”  Still, that has not stopped interest from growing.  Leading odds comparison site Oddschecker has the odds-on Mrs. Obama being the nominee at 9-1.  That is up from 25-1 a few weeks ago.  Electionbettingodds.com currently shows a 1.5% chance for Mrs. Obama to be the Democratic nominee.


    Michelle Obama will not be Joe Biden’s Vice President; she will end up as THE Democratic Party’s nominee for President.  How can we get to this conclusion?  It is simple, Michelle Obama has been laying the groundwork for this moment since 2018.  In November of 2018, Mrs. Obama released her memoir, Becoming, which quickly jumped to the number one position on the New York Times best seller list.  Barack and Michelle then started a partnership with Netflix.  A Netflix special based on the best-selling book is set to hit the streaming platform on May 6th.  

    This PR blitz is setting the stage for Michelle’s eventual nomination.  She has consistently cast herself as someone who just wants to serve the country but does not want to hold political office.  At the Democratic National Convention in August, you could see Joe Biden give up the nomination citing health concerns.  No other candidate would hold the necessary number of delegates to presumptively replace him.  At that point, it would be up to the party delegates and super-delegates to choose a new nominee.  Enter, Presidential nominee Michelle Obama.

    Why would the Democrats do this?  Because Mrs. Obama is the BEST candidate the Democratic Party has available to defeat Donald Trump.  What gives Michelle Obama an advantage over the other candidates?  She is incredibly popular.  A Gallop Poll published at the very end of December 2019 named Michelle Obama the most popular woman in America.   On top of her popularity, Mrs. Obama would bring back a lot of disaffected far-Left voters, like those who supported the Presidential aspirations of Senator Bernie Sanders.  

    Lastly, Michelle Obama would likely help the Democrats regain control of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  Donald Trump won those 3 states by just under 78,000 votes in the 2016 election.  If the Democrats recover the 46 electoral votes from those states, there is practically no path to victory for Donald Trump.  President Barack Obama won all 3 states handily.  Before 2016, the last time a Republican won any of those states was in 1988.

    If the Democrats are serious about beating Donald Trump in November, they will nominate Michelle Obama.  All signs point to the Democrats being very serious.  Expect a surprise in August, if not sooner.

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