Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat, has introduced new gun legislation which would greatly increase the stipulations for gun owners nationwide. The bill would require gun owners to complete a training course, psychological evaluation, and background check, be over 21 years of age, and complete additional training in order to own a military-style firearm, among other things. “The proposed psychological evaluation would have to be conducted by a licensed psychologist and require them to interview the spouse, former spouses, and least two other family members or associates of the person applying.” Liability insurance, to the tune of $800 annually, would also be required, and the proposed legislation would set up a national gun registry, as well.


    The Left, while in support of stricter gun rights legislation as a whole, has not been outspoken about the bill. Geraldine Hills, founder and vice president of non-profit Arizonans for Gun Safety, did express her support for the bill, stating, “With lack of federal unification on gun regulation, it’s very easy for people to exploit the patchwork of gun laws at the state level.”


    The Right opposes the legislation. The Federalist Papers website wrote, “Just weeks into a new administration, Democrats are already hard at work attempting to strip Americans of their rights.” One conservative commentator wrote that the bill “acts as though the Second Amendment doesn’t exist.” Gun rights news site Second Amendment Daily wrote, “Every single gun owner needs to get personally involved in the fight for their gun rights in 2021.  The Left has all hands on deck, and they’re playing for keeps!”

    “This is the greatest pile of dictatorial trash ever introduced into the United States Congress with respect to [the right to keep and bear arms]. It is prima facie evidence of the left-wing disrespect for the U.S. Constitution, your rights, the rule of law, the balance of power this nation runs on, or is supposed to run on…This is the opposite of The American Way. This is how communists and dictators operate.”

    Alan Korwin, American author and civil and political rights activist

    Fire Arms News wrote, “The measure is chock full of provisions so ridiculous that reading it can make you want to laugh more than it makes you want to cry. Unfortunately, with the party of gun bans and forced buy-backs now controlling the House, Senate and White House, things we used to see as funny aren’t quite so entertaining anymore.”

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