A couple of weeks ago I wrote asking you to show up to the polls and do your Christian duty to oppose evil.  My friends, I am proud to say that you DID it!  You went to the polls in record numbers and you re-elected President Donald Trump to another four-year term.  Or did you?

    As I write this column the election has yet to be decided.  Half a dozen states have yet to finish counting ballots.  Both candidates are claiming that THEY will be President when the final votes are tallied.  WHAT IS GOING ON? Let me break it down for you…

    First, here’s some data from the last four elections: The data is shocking.  With over 72 MILLION votes (counting hasn’t finished yet) Joe Biden has allegedly received more votes than ANY presidential candidate in American history.  Even more than Barack Obama received when he set the record back in 2008.  How did this happen?

    Let’s use a thought experiment to play out what happened.  Imagine that it’s the Russian election instead of the one here in the United States.  Vladimir Putin is losing.  He’s losing BIG.  His opponent appears to be sweeping all the swing states.  After decades in power it appears the anti-establishment candidate is going to defeat him. But then something strange happens… The states controlled by Putin’s friends decide to stop counting the votes.  There’s too many votes, they’re going to have to take a break for a while to catch up.  Everyone goes to bed and wakes up to find out that after being behind by hundreds of thousands of votes, Putin is now suddenly in the lead!  It’s a miracle, his party has managed to find batches of thousands of ballots where ONLY Putin received a vote. 

    Imagine the outcry around the world.  It seems unbelievable doesn’t it?  But that is exactly what has happened in this election here in the United States. You all watched it happen.  You saw Donald Trump win Florida and Ohio by FAR GREATER margins than he won in 2016.  In fact, Biden underperformed Hillary in those states.  You saw the pattern from Florida and Ohio repeating itself around the country.  In North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.  And as that pattern repeated itself over and over and over again, they simply decided to stop counting ballots.

    Then you woke up to find out Joe Biden was miraculously finding stacks of ballots that gave him the lead… In fact, Joe Biden has found so many votes that even though he could barely get 70 voters to attend one of his events, he’s somehow accumulated over 72 MILLION votes.  He’s crushed democrat turnout from the last two elections and is even more popular than Barack Obama was in 2008!

    Do you honestly believe that?  Do you honestly believe that at the same time Donald Trump has almost matched Obama’s vote totals from 2008, Joe Biden is leading President Trump by almost FOUR MILLION votes?  The guy who screamed incoherent gibberish at his campaign events REALLY got more votes than the President speaking to crowds of 50,000 supporters’ multiple times a day?

    If you do believe that, I have some ocean front property in Wyoming that I would love to sell you.  It’s a great deal!

    No, my friends, the Democrats are attempting to steal this election.  Joe Biden is not more popular than Barack Obama.  The fact that he’s underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro area aside from Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, is proof that the game is on.  All those cities just happen to be Democrat controlled and in states where Trump had a massive lead before the Democrats decided to pause counting votes.

    What does this mean?  It means that we all need to relax.  President Trump and his team know exactly what is going on.  It means that you won.  You showed up in a massive way on Tuesday and you did defeat evil.  But life is a story, and like all stories there comes a point where the hero appears to be on the cusp of defeat.  The plan of the enemy is too strong.  The deck is stacked and there appears to be no way out.

    We’re living that story together and Good will triumph.  The enemy made mistakes and the fraud will be uncovered.  They had to cheat so big to cover up Trump’s incredible landslide that it’s blatantly obvious.

    So continue to pray.  Call your representatives and demand they protect the integrity of our election system.  Show up to a rally and show your support for President Trump and our Republic.  Refuse to lose heart or be dismayed by what you hear from the media.  Enjoy playing a part in the story and remember that our Lord’s will ALWAYS triumphs in the end.

    OP ED By: Daniel Bendelle

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