In a recent survey, the National Restaurant Association reported that 110,000 restaurants in the U.S. have closed their doors due to the Covid shutdowns. Of that number, 10,000 have shut down in the past three months alone. Sean Kennedy, the Executive Vice President for Public Affairs at the National Restaurant Association, said that the report also showed that over half a million additional “restaurants of every business type—franchise, chain, and independent—are in an economic free fall” and that “for every month that passes without a solution from Congress, thousands more restaurants will close their doors for good.”


    The Right believes that restaurants should be allowed to open and businesses should continue to operate. Washington Hospitality Association CEO Anthony Anton stated, “We know restaurants are safe. Restaurants have proven safe when you track cases back to where they came from. They’re not coming from restaurants. And when they follow the rules, we’re almost finding no cases coming back to restaurants.” In a recent video that went viral, Los Angeles restaurant owner Angela Marsden pointed out the rampant hypocrisy in decisions being made. Her own outdoor dining section was ordered to be closed, despite required Covid measures being met, and yet a film production outdoor dining setup just across the street was allowed to operate.

    “As leaders in mostly Democrat-controlled states continue to enact business-killing restrictions, those same leaders are apparently handing out passes to industries like Hollywood.”

    Chris Enloe, Weekend Editor at The Blaze

    One tweet read, “What is being done to the restaurant industry and all those that rely on it to support their families by our crooked politicians and failed ‘experts’ in the name of ‘NO SCIENTIFIC DATA’ is despicable. Financial Terrorism.”


    The Left argues that the measures being taken are “necessary” due to the data.

    No one likes these restrictions, but I do support them as our hospital ICU beds fill to capacity and cases have increased by 500%. We must stop this virus before it kills thousands of more Angelenos.”

    Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles

    Washington Governor Jay Inslee stated, “It is beyond a reasonable doubt that infections take place in restaurants. Because it’s a place where people speak to each other in close proximity for long periods of time. And that’s just the scientific reality.” Regarding what many say is “hypocrisy,” the Left points out that there are high levels of Covid protocol that are strictly enforced in the production industry and that it is not the same thing as dining at a restaurant. Many on the Left argue that “most people bitching about covid restrictions are the reason we have to have them” – namely, failure to mask up, social distance, and abide by Covid requirements.

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