The U.S. is facing what some are calling a “border crisis,” as the percentage of those trying to cross into the country from the southern border rose by 100% between the months of January and February. The number of children and families attempting to cross over in February numbered 29,000; the total number of individuals was over 100,000. Due to the large influx, it was reported that the Biden administration has reopened border facilities, originally converted into such under former President Donald Trump, in order to temporarily house those arriving. They have been out of use since the summer of 2019.


    The Left argus that the Biden administration needs to address the root causes of people wanting to leave their homelands.

    “The solutions require broad vision and actions, including efforts to reduce the instability in Central American countries that send so many people fleeing in the first place…the longer the government leaves those broad solutions unfulfilled, the more it will be forced to deal with waves of migration, one crisis following another. We need a better way of doing this.”

    The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board

    “Of course, it’s never OK to cage children, force them to sleep on floors covered with aluminum-foil blankets and deny them basic sanitation as Trump did. It’s never OK to rip babies from their mothers, deport the parent and lose contact with them. Biden isn’t doing any of that…” wrote columnist Elvia Díaz, who argued that Biden’s facilities and policies are entirely different than those of Trump’s.


    The Right criticizes Biden’s policies and argues that they are to blame for the crisis. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tweeted, “We’re seeing a surge of unaccompanied children coming across the border. Why? Joe Biden promised amnesty.” “Biden may have called Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s end to mandatory masking ‘Neanderthal’-esque, but the Biden administration seems happy to send infectious illegal immigrants all around the country,” argued political analyst and historian Michael Barone.

    “This is the second time in the last two weeks that a top U.S. immigration official has resorted to begging people not to come…The obvious solution is for Biden to reinstate Trump’s rule authorizing the Border Patrol to use pandemic regulations to turn kids away, but progressives won’t tolerate that.”

    Allahpundit, anonymous blogger and senior reporter for Hot Air website

    The New York Post wrote, “Biden has capitulated to the far-left members of his party who think we should let in everyone from Central America, no matter the legitimacy of their asylum claims.” The Right has also pointed out the double standard in referring to the “kids in cages” under the Trump administration, but calling the very same facilities “migrant facilities for children” under the Biden admin.

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