“The Growing Despair of Gen-Z and the American Dream”

Generation Z or “Gen-Z” are defined by their year of birth, ranging from 1997 to roughly 2012 directly following the Millennial generation. Generation Y, more commonly known as “Millennials,” year of birth ranges from 1981 to 1996 according to Pew Research Center. This is included for all the Baby Boomers who insist on calling anyone born in the 80’s or later a Millennial and using it as a scapegoat for all of society's troubles and maladies (end of rant).

Gen-Z grew up with technology and internet access that Millenials only briefly touched in their late teenage years going into their twenties. A Pandora’s Box of social media, immediate gratification and cyber wonder helped to raise this age group far more than generations preceding it. It will take years of extensive research and study to see the true effects of early exposure to these advanced forms of technology like smartphones, laptops, televisions, iPads,  etc, have had on Gen-Z in their formative years.

Gen-Z was raised on many of the same false promises and illusions that Millennials were, so in many ways these two generations are kindred spirits whether we like to admit it or not. The youngest of the Millennials, however, are approaching their late twenties going into their thirties while the oldest of Gen-Z are in their mid to late 20’s. Much of Gen-Z is either just now entering the workforce or working through college and there seems to be a relative bleakness about their future especially in this election year. There is plenty to be angry about and the outlook is not favorable for Gen-Z.


College & Careers

Gen-Z, like Millennials, were pitched a utopian American Dream where they could go to college, receive an excellent education, find a job, and start building towards a promising future. This future on its current trajectory is anything but utopian. Public education in this country has proven to be nothing but indoctrination centers; feeding the well-oiled machine of intellectual slaughterhouses that we refer to as college universities and campuses. The end product of these manufacturing lines, continually churning out well-behaved drones that parrot their narratives, are jolted into a rude awakening once they enter the workforce.

The jobs aren’t there in many fields that are requiring exorbitant amounts of work experience for positions that simply don’t need it. The fields that young adults are entering do not have the shortages or empty positions that their high school teachers and college professors led them to believe. This is a failure on education, as well as parenting, for not evaluating their children’s aspirations through a more objective lens and not recommending other fields or trades with lower education thresholds, higher pay, and less debt.

Joe Biden promised student loan forgiveness as one of his campaign slogans on the trail in 2019 and 2020. The story has already been told through many politicians… the glittery vows and assurances that your problem will be solved as long as you support and vote for me. Unfortunately, this was a pipe dream for many younger generations that face mounting student loan debt and a government that willingly subsidizes and feeds the monstrous debt bubble that grows by the minute. For many Gen-Z, having a career in their field of education will not be realistic or will not pay the bills, so what was the point? An embarrassing exercise in futility that only nourishes the darkness of despair and nihilism that permeates the language and actions of this generation.

Inflation & Housing

The younger generations were promised not only a career after education, but the promise and potential of home ownership in this antiquated American Dream. This dream is out of reach for many Millennials who’ve been in the job market significantly longer than Gen-Z.

Mega investment corporations like Vanguard and Blackrock have been buying up tremendous amounts of residential real estate above market value, outbidding the average American and turning them into rental properties. The outrageous bidding wars that took place on housing in the past five years have effectively priced most anyone under thirty years old out of the real estate market. The WEF’s dystopian “you’ll own nothing and be happy” newspeak continues to resonate true over the lives of many young Americans.

Gen-Z can’t get paid enough in their foundational years in the workforce and can barely afford apartments by themselves, let alone considering home ownership. Most Gen-Zers have to continue living at home with their parents or become roommates with their contemporaries to have any semblance of a life where they don’t have to solely wake up, eat, sleep, and then go back to work. This generation is being priced out of the growth and prosperity that was assured to them in their youth and snatched away callously to fund a system that tarnishes their future.


Gen-Z over the past several years has witnessed an unprecedented acceleration of illegal immigration into the United States under the Biden administration. Millions upon millions have flooded in from a diverse amount of backgrounds with virtually no oversight, many being bussed to their desired locations and given free food, money, clothing, cell phones and shelter in lavish hotels. New York City has funded debit cards for illegal immigrants and Chicago is using millions of dollars to shelter and feed people while shunning their already impoverished and decrepit communities.

How can a young American not see this and think why? Why is this happening? Why do I need to work so hard and be shackled with debt just to watch the taxes I see taken from my paycheck go towards funding people coming here on a free ride, and in many cases hate our country? Not only that, young Americans will now be forced to compete in the workforce with (illegal) migrants and could potentially watch themselves get priced out of entry-level jobs by those willing to work for far less.

What young Americans are observing today are the fruits of strategies that have been planned well before their birth. Many of the more socialist-leaning sects of the Democratic Party in the US were direct or indirect students of Saul Alinsky who wrote the popular book Rules For Radicals. This book was heavily cited as influencing many of the policies Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton espoused in their political origins and highlight many of the deceptive practices used by community organizers to achieve their objectives.

The current immigrant strategy is additionally utilizing what is referred to as the Cloward-Piven strategy. The goal of this plan is to overwhelm the resources of the country by burdening welfare and entitlement system through mass migration thereby collapsing the entire governmental system. What future does Gen-Z possess when benefits are heaped upon people that come here through illegal means and are rewarded for it? And what despair is created when Gen-Z is forced to work multiple jobs to get by and fund this intentional suicide?

Religion & Sexuality

Gen-Z is more depressed than previous generations, feeling the strain of everything mentioned above, as well as the cultural deterioration of values, ethics, and morality. To summarize culturally, the roots of this issue can probably boil down to Gen-Z’s growing distaste for religion (similar to Millennials) and sexual promiscuity/perversions.

According to a study published by PRRI earlier this year, Gen-Z is still predominantly Christian at 54%. The rates are similar to Millennials but are a stark drop off from previous generations like Baby Boomers and Gen-X who were both either approaching or exceeding 70% as identifying Christians. The lack of religion or objective morality to guide Geb-Z leads to levels of moral relativism and nihilism that seem to be spreading like an infectious disease, which no mask will protect you from. 


Objectively speaking, all kingdoms and societies have fallen when morality, honor, and values have been abandoned in favor of the lusts and passions of man’s flesh. This is clear when evaluating the prevalence of “hookup culture” amongst young Americans, not realizing the damage they are causing to themselves and the destruction that the Sexual Revolution of the late 1960’s has caused within American society leading to the current environment.

Gen-Z is more likely to be affiliated with the LGBTQ+ community than previous generations; the same study by PRRI shows a concerning distinction. Gen-Z has 15% identifying as bisexual, 5% as gay or lesbian, and 8% as something else. A total of 28% of Gen-Z identifies as something non-heterosexual, a steep decline in heterosexuality from Millennials who polled as being 84% heterosexual, and all the generations before exceeding well above 90%. The more that young people find themselves engaged in these perversions and experimentation, the less the US population will grow at the rate it needs to survive.

This is where immigration and sexuality go hand in hand. Immigrants are giving birth to children at far higher rates, especially from Islamic backgrounds, and this should be alarming for the youth considering Islam opposes much of their homosexual practices and beliefs and are willing to inflict violence upon people based on their sexual orientation. The present arc of population growth amongst young Americans versus immigrants will easily be outpaced to the point where traditional American people will be outnumbered by people who do not share our values or ethics but seek to make America into something unrecognizable from its founding. 



The Future

The wounds of Gen-Z has are partially self-inflicted, but also exist as a result of their environment and the indoctrination within it. The likelihood of a whole generation collectively re-correcting its values, education, and culture at the adequate speed required for recovery could only be achieved by the had of the Most High through revival, mercy, and grace. If Gen-Z were to (1) shun the current system, (2) start following after Christ, and (3) economically strengthen the backbone of this country by going into the trades, then there could be a chance.

Gen-Z is full of bright and innovative minds challenging existing systems for the better and giving hope to older generations. The dramatic contrasts in their nature will be difficult to reconcile, however, pushing the momentum towards a more optimistic outcome for their generation's future will be no small feat. Gen-Z’s despair is growing but their path and future is not hopeless. The road is narrow though … and there may be few that find it.


Written By Robert Korensky
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