New insider documents have been presented regarding the FBI’s handling of the case of Michael Flynn, who was Trump’s former national security adviser. Flynn was charged with lying to the FBI regarding discussions with Russia, after he pleaded guilty in 2017. Sidney Powell, Flynn’s current lawyer, claims the FBI exhibited gross misconduct in their interview and dealings with her client. Flynn is attempting to withdraw his guilty plea.


    The Left are in support of the FBI, highlighting the fact that the FBI simply questioned him according to standard procedure in an interview, “and Flynn, as he admitted in open court—twice—did not tell the truth.” Regarding the claims that Flynn was framed and pressured into lying, The Washington Post called it “laughable” and said there was no basis whatsoever for those claims. Randall Eliason Tweeted, “It’s really pretty simple: if you’re investigating contacts between Russia and the Trump campaign, and Flynn was a senior campaign official who had contacts with Russians, you have to interview him. It would be malpractice not to.”


    The Right believes Flynn was intentionally framed by FBI agents in an attempt to prove their theory of a Russia-Trump collusion. Many consider it to be true that his “crime” was specifically created to get him removed from office and prosecuted. Why? Because the FBI, in cahoots with the Obama administration, was investigating Trump’s supposed involvement with Russia, and they needed to remove Flynn to keep Trump unaware of their proceedings. It has been noted that government officials and FBI agents opposing Flynn in the case repeatedly lied and displayed criminal behavior, and yet, only Flynn has been investigated.

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