American troops have begun leaving Afghanistan for the initial troop withdrawal required in the U.S.-Taliban peace agreement, the U.S. military confirmed Monday, amid political chaos in Kabul that threatens the deal.” AP News

    This act comes in the wake of the ICC, which many believe is an illegitimate international organization (more below), investigating US troop actions in Afghanistan. “International Criminal Court judges authorized a far-reaching investigation [last] Thursday of war crimes and crimes against humanity allegedly committed by Afghan government forces, the Taliban, American troops and U.S. foreign intelligence operatives. The appellate ruling marked the first time the court’s prosecutor has been cleared to investigate U.S. forces.” AP News


    President Trump doesn’t like Afghanistan, nor does he like women’s rights, hence the troops are leaving the region.

    “Under President Trump, the United States is widely seen to be committed to withdrawing from Afghanistan under almost any circumstances. There are no indications of what ‘conditions’ might slow or halt an American drawdown of troops short of a major attack by Al Qaeda launched with clear Taliban support. Not sustained violence against Afghan forces, nor smaller-scale terrorist attacks, nor continued Islamic State operations seem likely to prompt the United States to reverse course. The Taliban know this and so does the Afghan government, reducing nearly to nil America’s influence. “In committing to the Taliban to end the American military presence and drop sanctions, the United States… sacrificed its remaining leverage to help the government in intra-Afghan negotiations achieve critical shared objectives, like protecting democratic gains and preserving the rights of women. Given that intra-Afghan talks will take many months, if not years, to yield any progress, the United States is likely to withdraw before any deal is done, abandoning Afghanistan to the Taliban wolves.”
    Susan E. Rice, New York Times


    The Right is generally pleased to have fewer troops overseas especially in unactive combat zones. The word “active” being in debate.

    “The sunk cost fallacy has been a highly effective lubricant of the U.S. foreign policy machinery… Every dollar spent and every American life lost on the battlefield is used as justification to maintain a status quo that is simply not working. To quit now is spun as a tragedy. But how logical is it to honor tragedy with more tragedy?… those counseling a reversal of full troop withdrawal from Afghanistan are merely worsening the pain… It’s time to embrace the reality staring us in the face — the sooner Afghanistan is left to the Afghans, the better off the U.S. will be.”
    Daniel DePetris, Washington Examiner

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