Twitter announced they would not remove President Trump’s recent Tweets suggesting that former Rep. Joe Scarborough was involved in the murder of Lori Klausutis, a member of his staff, over two decades ago. Scarborough is a known anti-Trumper. As usual, The Twitter posts have caused controversy and Klausutis’ widower has asked that the president’s remarks be taken down. Despite denying the request to remove the president’s Tweets, Twitter did prompt “readers to check the facts in tweets sent by Trump,” notifying people that previous comments of his had been confirmed false. The President is calling for action against Twitter, and drawing attention to 47 USC § 230 entitled Protection for private blocking and screening of offensive material


    The Left criticizes Trump endlessly, and this instance is no different. Vox reporter Katelyn Burns also scolded Twitter, saying “it has enabled the president to use the platform as a way to target his political enemies with no apparent regard for consequences.” A barrage of Twitter criticism has come from many sources, calling on the platform to remove his Tweets. A Yale University emeritus professor of law, Peter Schuck, is calling for legal action against Trump on the basis of intentional defamation against Scarborough. Some have said Trump’s attacks might help him by drawing attention away from his coronavirus failure, others add that “his most devoted cultists believe everything he says, even the things that contradict other things he says.”


    Trump’s Tweets have received widespread criticism from the Right as well. The attacks were referred to as “vile” and “incompatible with leadership” by the Washington Examiner editorial board. Alex Conant, who was a GOP political consultant for Sen. Marco Rubio’s campaign in 2016, said, “Joe Scarborough has nothing to do with defeating the pandemic or winning the election, so why Scarborough continues to occupy so much of the president’s attention is confusing.”

    Some have noted the double standard of the Left in crucifying Trump, pointing to Biden’s major gaffes, as well as the liberal media’s ruthless threats against the Catholic “Make America Great Again” hat-wearing high school student Nick Sandmann in 2019.

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