A white woman who was filmed in a verbal confrontation with a black man while walking her dog in Central Park was fired yesterday, by the investment firm, Franklin Templeton.  The confrontation occurred when an African-American man, Christian Cooper (no relation), noticed Amy Cooper’s dog off its leash in the park.   

    In a Facebook post, Mr. Cooper claimed that he told the woman that dogs in the Ramble are required to be on a leash.  He then pointed to a sign with the leash ordinance.  When Ms. Cooper refused, he told her, ‘Look, if you’re going to do what you want, I’m going to do what I want, but you’re not going to like it.” 

    At that point, Mr. Cooper says he proceeded to try to coax the dog to him by giving it treats he carries to make dog owners who let their dogs off their leash uncomfortable.  Amy Cooper, who is a Democrat, then screamed at him to not touch her dog.  Christian Cooper filmed the rest of the encounter which included a segment where Amy Cooper called the police and told them an African-American man was threatening her and her dog.  


    People on both sides of the aisle were quick to attack Amy Cooper for her actions during the confrontation.  Conservative activist CJ Pearson noted that Ms. Cooper repeatedly noted Christian Cooper’s race and essentially attempted to SWAT him.  The recent death of a black man named George Floyd who apparently suffocated while being restrained by a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota has further aggravated the situation.  Right-wing journalist Cassandra Fairbanks defended Amy Cooper noting that once Christian Cooper threatened her and her dog, she was right to escalate the situation by calling the police.  


    Many on the Left were quick to tie Amy Cooper’s actions to President Trump and Trump supporters in general.  These folks believe that the President and his supporters are inherently racist against African-Americans.  It appears that Amy Cooper is actually a liberal democrat.  Campaign contribution data linked to an Amy Cooper who lives in New York was leaked online and shows that the individual made donations to prominent Democrats like John Kerry, Pete Buttigieg, and Barack Obama.  It is unclear at this time if this is the same Amy Cooper who had a confrontation with Christian Cooper.  The majority opinion on the Left seems to be that Ms. Cooper was weaponizing Mr. Cooper’s race, in an attempt to coerce him to leave her alone.

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