NYC Becomes the American Sex Capital as Non-Monogamy Trends Surge

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New York City has officially earned the title of America's sex capital, as the trend of consensual non-monogamy continues to rise. A recent study funded by reveals that nearly 40% of respondents have participated in this form of open relationship.

The APA defines consensual non-monogamy as “an umbrella term for relationships in which all partners give explicit consent to engage in romantic, intimate, and/or sexual relationships with multiple people.” The study goes on to confirm that the vast majority of people agree that sex is beneficial for their mental health (thanks, Captain Obvious).

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For centuries, the traditional belief has been that one man and one woman in marriage create the optimal relationship. We see this stated clearly in Genesis 1 and reaffirmed by our Lord in Matthew 19:8. Yet, the current trend seems to suggest that more partners equate to better mental health.

This begs the question: is consensual non-monogamy genuinely beneficial for one's well-being? As we continue to move away from God’s moral order and natural design, will we be satisfied or will disaster be brought on us like in 2 Chronicles 7:22? You be the judge.

However, the study also highlights that nearly HALF of Gen Z singles feel their mental health is poor or fair.  This raises the question of whether the increasing popularity of consensual non-monogamy is truly good for mental health.


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