It's not a clash of cultures or latent xenophobia rearing its racist head.

The fact is - and, by now, it’s indisputable - the narrative that many in this country are trying to craft  is that Americans - primarily, those who identify as conservative or Christian - are insufferable, irredeemable bigots, hold-outs from a nation founded by colonizing wild banshees, white supremacists, who constructed a country on the backs of suffering, enslaved and downtrodden brown and black-skinned lesser-thans.

This narrative skips over and scuttles past with a blinding eye to all who, from the start, fought tirelessly and unsparingly against the institution of slavery and all its byproducts, and who stood up to the horrible wrongs committed against Native American tribes as the nation expanded and settled lands farther west, often displacing permanently entire indigenous people.  With dismissive fury, it rushes past the many Americans in every generation who have worked to prevent and right such grievous wrongs.

It is this bloody stain upon the colors of our nation that still seeps in to cloud our collective judgment on what should be a very clear concept that has worked across all cultures and all nations, regardless of region or the people who inhabit them.  And it is this:  We either live with an orderly system of laws, of which LEGAL immigration is but one, or we live with complete ANARCHY.  We either flourish with the former, or we lacerate ourselves by allowing the latter.  But no nation can long endure with a hybrid of the two, for they cannot be merged no matter how much we say they can.  It takes all the emotion and fervor of opinion and puts those aside for the greater good - the ultimate good of a nation’s survival, which has always and will always stand on one strong tower of longevity: the rule of fair laws that work to benefit a nation’s entire citizenry.

Who and how we let in potential immigrants to become naturalized citizens should be no different than in other free societies elsewhere in the world.  One must apply to enter with verifiable information of origin, submit to any background security checks, fill out an online application, complete all the paperwork, take a naturalization test, and wait in a queue of other prospective immigrants.  For asylum seekers whose application must be expedited, the criteria must keep to its original strictness.

But no nation, no kingdom, no empire, or civilization in the history of the world has ever survived even a generation by simply throwing open the floodgates and obliging whoever wants to come in, simply because they insist on it.  It is the immigration equivalent of defying the laws of physics.

So why is it, then, that in 2024, the Biden Administration and Congress allow this very thing to occur with little more than vain talk, the wringing of hands, and the usual finger-pointing?

The answer is two-fold.  The Democrats desperately want millions of new illegal migrants to swell their voter rolls, which is one reason that we consistently see a spike in illegal migration during presidential election years.  New migrants are key for a party that is at constant risk of losing their rank and file on any number of fronts, particularly the economy.  The other sector happily cheering on illegal immigration is the business sector, particularly large enterprises whose profit margins ebb and flow in large degree by continual access to cheaper and cheaper labor.   A continuous tsunami of undocumented migrants, once across the border, are bussed or flown at taxpayer expense to cities and communities across the country.  The effect of this tidal (crushing) wave of humanity, completely unvetted, crossing over our southern border every day, nearly unimpeded, is having devastating effects.

There is simply not enough razor wire, patchwork of half-constructed border walls, or border patrol agents in AVs and on horseback, able to stem the tide.  It rolls on day after day, month after month, year after year, having taken on a life of its own - one that is, even now, tearing at the economic fabric of the country and slowly, but inexorably, imploding the most traditionally immigrant-rich nation on earth.  No other nation has been known as "The Great Melting Pot," "The Shining City Upon the HIll," the place where everyone else aspired to come, dreamed of coming who were poor, beleaguered, desirous to build a better life for themselves and their families.  A place that all the persecuted and imprisoned by regimes around the world treasured in their minds of reaching its welcoming shores one day if death didn't claim them first.  The United States stood for everything the prospective immigrant treasured most, the bedrock of our Constitution: freedom of movement, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to go after your dreams and know that the only thing holding you back were your own aspirations.  You would learn the language, you would send your children to school, you would get a job that would start you on the path to the Great American Dream.  You would move up in life.  You had on American soil what you could not till elsewhere.  It was like an ache in one's soul that you knew could be eased if you could just get to these shores and get that coveted slot of U.S. citizenship. This melting pot of ethnicities, languages, backgrounds, culture and religious expression built up this nation and made it a great and beautiful tapestry.  Not perfect, but definitely a work in progress that all felt invested in together.

But that dream is drowning because we want to stomp our feet, madly insisting that 2 + 2 = 12.  We think we can jettison legal immigration for an illegal invasion and call it beneficent.  But we cannot.  It is leading us down a dark path to everyone's ruin and America's damnation.  There is not enough space, not enough housing, not enough good-paying jobs, not enough food, not enough government resources, not infrastructure at any level to keep this going.  Sooner rather than later, it will destroy those who came in yesterday - legally and illegally - as it will those who came in 10 or 20 years ago.

Sovereign borders have been the mainstay of all forms of civilization since time immortal.  For ancient kingdoms, city-states and nations.   Archeologists will delineate for us the clear and visible demarcation lines and fortresses manned by soldiers equipped and ready to take down any foe or any invading force.  We see the vestiges of these grand border lines even today in the remnants of Hadrian’s Wall in the U.K., the Great Wall of China, in the walled cities of the Vatican, Jerusalem, and the ancient 11th - century city of Samarkind along the old Silk Route, and many others.  Fortifications of every kind have been the mainstay of any lasting civilization, allowing them to thrive against all odds.  Which nation or empire, if you were to speak to them now, would tell you it was a grand and noble thing to abandon your ramparts, to allow your borders and demarcation lines to be overrun by anyone and everyone amassing from without?  Who would tell their sentries to leave their post and go home to bed?  They would rightly look you square in the eyes and call you mad.

Never in the history of mankind, from ancient times until the present, has one sovereign nation simply moved from loosening its grip on manning/protecting/guarding its borders, to simply stationing a token presence, to allowing anyone and everyone - to the tune of sometimes a million a month - rush across with zero knowledge of the identities - savory or unsavory - or desirability of those marching in. Never before has a country opened itself to purposeful danger and annihilation by simply opening the human floodgates.

And now that it is, in fact, transpiring, what can be done to stem the tidal wave and, more critically, reverse the devastating damage of those already allowed in illegally?

The entire matrix self replicates, right?

If every month, hundreds of thousands of migrants pour in - all of them unvetted and untracked - and then given every economic incentive for them to remain permanently, then it follows that year by year, it becomes increasingly impossible to deport those who have already entered the United States.  They have come across visibly and with many an eyewitness, with scores of enablers on the U.S. side to usher them deeper inland, only for the majority of them to fade like chimeras in a desert out into the wider country, blending deeply into the streets and byways of every city and town.

How can one possibly excise so many and deport them if they are already registered in schools, given housing and jobs, and all the many facile accoutrements of legal citizens?  It's rapidly becoming a surgical impossibility.  Where does one start?  How does one accomplish the snipping apart of illegal and legal immigrants?  It is like taking a scalpel to a dying patient.  We are not at code blue - an individual death, but what hospitals call "code black," death with many casualties.

Is it simply a coincidence that the last series of crime sprees in NYC were committed by young, violent men - known gang members - from Venezuela?  What are the chances or odds of that?  Are some countries, particularly from Central America, opening the gates of their prisons and releasing their most violent, repeat offenders?  What about those from other areas of the world?

And lest we grow timid about discussing the 100-ton boulder in front of us, what about the human tide/flood of Chinese nationals?  What could possibly be a cause for alarm when in 2022, 342 Chinese nationals crossed from Mexico into the U.S., but 22,560 came in last year, many of those with known direct ties to the CCP and the Chinese military?  What about the increased number of Islamic extremists from a variety of Muslim countries?

How do we square our reticence to sound the alarm and pull up the drawbridge with the clear and present danger such alarming avoidance results in?

Would we rather be politically correct and appeasing but no longer have a viable nation left in which to function, work and raise our families?  Or will we begin to put a stop to this insanity at our borders?

What is the point of our cowering if our very existence is obliterated in one final swoop of the masses?

It is akin to arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic as its hull sinks beneath the waves of the North Atlantic.

It is not kindness to take in millions of people that will sink them and those already here.  When the Titanic's traumatized survivors huddled together in a scattered convoy of lifeboats out in the dark ocean in the inkness of night, did you know that surrounding them as they floated along were survivors in the icy water, barely clinging to consciousness, grasping at the edges of the lifeboats desperate to get in.  Those in the lifeboats had to quickly make life-and-death decisions.

We do not EVER want to find ourselves as a nation at such a juncture.

It is a suicide watch!

Post by Rebecca Clark

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