Under No Circumstances Should Any Christian Vote Democrat in 2024

The first time I ever voted was for Barack Obama in 2008. I was young, stupid, and impressionable. I drank the Kool-Aid, read some bad books, and listened to some bad ideas. I got caught up in the hype because it felt different from my evangelical background — it was new, “cool,” and easy.

The truth is, there was no excuse for me voting Democrat as a Christian, even then. One thing I took away from that experience: I dramatically underestimated the damage a far-left president who ran as a moderate and unifier could do to our culture and country. 

Some people talk about how the Left is coming after Christians. While that may be true in a sense, it’s really not about us. Godly values and principles are under assault — that’s the problem. Let them call us names, make fun of us, deplatform us, and deny us jobs because of our faith. That’s going to happen to some degree or another anyway; the Bible tells us so (2 Timothy 3:12). 

The fight is with the policies and laws that kill babies, proclaim that boys can be girls (and vice-versa), and deny natural law in other ways. The fight is for our daily lives and our children’s futures. Our culture is lost and barely hanging onto sanity, and if the Church doesn’t stand up for truth and reality, who will? Here are a few of the many reasons we simply can’t justify voting blue in November:


Abortion on Demand

All you need is a soul to see that killing the most innocent among us is an evil thing. Even science is on the side of life at this point. Yet, the Democrats are making it the center of their platform for 2024, hoping to fire up their base after the overturn of Roe in the name of “reproductive health.” The Left isn’t happy with abortions up to a heartbeat or even 15 weeks. Far from it; they want abortions on demand up until birth. 

And what’s to stop them there? This is the same party that champions assisted suicide, which has rapidly evolved from applying to the terminally ill to killing people with mental health issues and children in the name of compassion.

Roughly 65 million babies have been slaughtered since 1973, with the vast majority of abortions occurring out of convenience. Talk about a stain on our nation’s history. Don’t vote for the Dems this year. 


Gender Insanity

Most people don’t really believe that males can become females, females can become males, males and females can become neither, some people were born as cats, and so on. It’s confusing because there’s no logic whatsoever to the trajectory of the LGBTQIA+ movement. And that’s intentional.

This is not a minor issue. On a macro level, if we can’t agree on fundamental truths and realities, there’s no common ground upon which to stand as a people. The trans movement is also impacting our daily lives. Some states are stopping at nothing to ensure young children and teenagers can “transition” to their “real” genders, going as far as prosecuting parents who are trying to prevent their kids from making devastating, life-altering decisions. 

Now, we’re “hateful” if we refuse to call a person suffering from gender dysphoria by their preferred pronouns. We’re monsters for trying to protect children from puberty blockers and creepy gender-reassignment doctors. It’s garbage. You’re not being un-Christlike if you refuse to entertain the delusions of a gender-confused person and speak out against those advocating for the mutilation of minors’ bodies. 

The Biden Administration has been the loudest and proudest about the “progress” it has made in our country regarding this matter. Look at what just happened with Title IX. Who are you going to vote for?



Filth in Schools

As with the other two issues, this one is pretty straightforward. There’s a lot of evil, disgusting indoctrination going on in elementary, middle, and high schools across the country. Obviously, the most disturbing part of all this is that elementary students are being taught how to have gay sex and embrace their “true” genders many years before they should even think about sex at all. 

Put another way: Creepy, child-abusing teachers and administrators are targeting children five and up by providing access to graphic pornographic literature and encouraging gender fluidity. 

Not so long ago, the First Amendment was the Democrats’ argument for pretty much everything. But we must be silent when it comes to our children? We’ve seen what happens when anyone who disagrees with the Left exercises their right to free speech. We’ve been canceled for questioning an experimental vaccine, standing up for women’s sports, stating simple biblical truths, and countless other things. 

Democrats 0, Republicans 3



Open Borders

Immigration is a more complex issue, but there’s no question that the Democrats’ open border agenda is disastrous. We knew it would happen if Biden took office, and the numbers shouldn’t surprise anyone. It turns out that 7.2 million illegal aliens crossing the Southern Border since 2021 is too significant for even the Left to hide. 

The worst part of this catastrophe is that the Dems scream compassion and reform regarding immigration; they always have. However, they’re the ones refusing to enforce laws already in place — laws that help to protect our citizens and immigrants alike. Keeping existing executive orders would have prevented the flood of millions. Instead, we’ve seen increased human trafficking, fentanyl addictions (and overdoses), and murders, among many other atrocities. It has made our communities much less safer on the whole. 

Democrats refuse to provide solutions. An act of Congress is not needed here. Enforcing current laws and some executive action would at least put a halt to the problem (see Texas for at least slowing the bleed). Voting blue means voting for more chaos at the border and in our cities. 



Normalizing Evil 

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness, who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” - Isaiah 5:20 (CSB)

Every moral issue our culture faces today stems from the age-old battle between light and darkness. It’s all very simple: The Left has always been intent on driving God out of society. And when a people no longer acknowledge the one true God as sovereign, someone always steps into that space — be it false gods or the government. 

Jesus Christ is the only savior we will ever have or need. Trump is not perfect, nor is the Republican Party, but let’s not look for another savior. And let’s not forget that Joe Biden is corrupt and governing with evil policies that make his opponent look like Mother Teresa. If you’re hesitant to vote for someone because of some mean tweets or questionable morality issues, ask yourself if it’s really worth the trade-off. 

Regarding policy, Trump has proven to be the most pro-life president in my lifetime, possibly ever. He fulfilled many of the promises from his 2016 campaign throughout his presidency, not the least of which was appointing conservative justices and taking other actions to protect life. 



Final Word 

Among other things, abortion, gender identity, and child grooming have become the Left’s religion. And with a horrid economy, an unmitigated border crisis, and weak leadership on the international stage, the Democrats are going all in on their religion for this election. The question is, will you choose their religion or true religion? 

The data is clear that Democrat policies do not help the poor, improve the lives of minorities, make healthcare better, or foster peaceful communities. On the contrary, a vote for Democrats is a vote for more cold, calculated evil and division. There’s no way around it. We don’t live in a time when there are sensible reasons for a Christian to vote for the Left. And voting for a third-party candidate or sitting this election cycle out is a vote for Biden.  

If we hope to revive our nation’s faith (or pay our bills), we cannot continue to endure today's policies and governing. Don’t expect to vote for the perfect candidates in 2024 or any other year. Understand what’s at stake, remember the Kingdom you represent, and vote your values. 

Written by Alex Watson
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