Examining the Divide Between Christians and Christian Nationalists

In a recent viral video, journalist Heidi Przybyla from Politico bifurcates the divide between being a Christian and a Christian nationalist, raising debates on the nature of Christianity and its role in modern society. Shaun Frederickson offers his insights on the matter, questioning the idea that Przybyla's argument demonizes Christian nationalists as evil figures.


Frederickson argues that focusing on Christian nationalism as a tyrannical movement is a strawman argument, as it does not accurately represent the historical context of Christianity in America. He suggests that the concept of Christian nationalism is a misrepresentation of the true nature of Christianity, which is based on individual belief and values derived from the Bible.


Furthermore, Frederickson points out that the idea of Christian nationalism is a new concept that does not align with the historical foundation of America, where Christianity was practiced by individuals and families, and not as a top-down tyranny. He cites the example of Quakers, who were self-educated and valued individual leadership and education.


In conclusion, Frederickson believes that the concept of Christian nationalism is a strawman argument, and what is truly needed is a return to Christian tribalism or Christian Kinism. He emphasizes the importance of valuing family and educating one's children about the values of Christianity to operate as an American with a strong belief system.

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