Affirmative action is a set of policies and practices designed to address historical and ongoing discrimination and promote equal opportunities for underrepresented or allegedly disadvantaged groups, typically in the context of education, employment, and government contracting. The primary goal of affirmative action is to increase the representation of individuals from these groups in areas where they have been historically marginalized or underrepresented.

Affirmative action can take various forms, including:

  1. Preferential treatment: This involves giving preferential treatment or opportunities to members of underrepresented groups in order to balance alleged historical inequalities. For example, a university might use affirmative action in its admissions process by considering an applicant’s race or ethnicity as a factor in the decision-making process.
  2. Outreach and recruitment: Institutions may actively seek out and recruit individuals from underrepresented groups to encourage their participation in education or employment opportunities. This can include targeted advertising, scholarship programs, and recruitment efforts at schools or communities with a diverse population.
  3. Equal opportunity policies: Many organizations and institutions implement policies and practices that prohibit discrimination based on factors such as race, gender, or ethnicity. These policies aim to create a level playing field for all individuals, regardless of their background.
  4. Diversity initiatives: Some organizations and educational institutions establish diversity and inclusion programs to foster a more diverse and inclusive environment. These programs often include diversity training, mentorship programs, and efforts to create a more welcoming atmosphere for people from different backgrounds.

Affirmative action is a contentious and debated issue in many countries. Supporters argue that it is a necessary tool to rectify historical injustices and promote diversity, while opponents argue that it can lead to reverse discrimination or unfair advantages for some individuals at the expense of others. Legal frameworks and policies related to affirmative action vary from one country to another and can be subject to legal challenges and changes over time.



Affirmative action is a policy that favors one’s race and ethnicity, and or socioeconomic status over personal experiences. On Thursday, June 29 2023 the Supreme Court ruled that the affirmative action programs used by schools such as Harvard and UNC violate the Constitution’s promise of equal protection. the vote was 6-2 in the case of Harvard and 6-3 in the case of unc. both of these instances favored the


The majority of high-seated Republicans believe that people’s opportunities should be equal regardless of race or socioeconomic status. The right is almost entirely pleased by the ruling. Former president Donald J. Trump says this marks “a great day for America.” Governor Ron DeSantis, the top contender for the Republican primary against Trump wrote, “College admissions should be based on merit and applicants should not be judged on their race or ethnicity….”


The Democrats believe that the Supreme Court’s rulings affirm systemic racism and that the verdict is highly unfair. “The court has effectively ended affirmative action in college admissions, and I strongly, strongly disagree with the court’s decision,” said President Joe Biden.

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