A historic Christian perspective on surrogacy often views it as unethical and immoral due to theological and ethical considerations deeply rooted in traditional beliefs. Central to this perspective is the belief in the sanctity of marriage and the natural process of procreation within the marital union. Many Christian denominations historically emphasize the sacredness of the family unit as established by biblical teachings, particularly the idea that children should be born within the context of a committed marriage. Surrogacy, which involves separating procreation from the conjugal act and may lead to various individuals playing roles in the creation and upbringing of a child, is seen as deviating from this established model. The Christian perspective often stresses the importance of respecting the divine order in human reproduction, with surrogacy being perceived as a departure from traditional values and an ethical concern in the eyes of historic Christian teachings.

For a full in-depth christian perspective on surrogacy, read this document “A Christian Ethical Perspective on Surrogacy”

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