Biden’s DOJ Bias Against Pro-Lifers: Where is the Outrage from the American Church? 

On Tuesday, in my home city of Nashville, six pro-life activists were convicted of both violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act and felony conspiracy against the right to obtain “reproductive health services.” The group was found guilty of obstructing the employee and patient entrances of Carafem Health Center for almost three hours on March 5, 2021, which they did by peacefully praying and singing hymns. The verdict, which was rendered by a jury and decided in less than 4 hours, is another glaring example of the current administration’s efforts to intimidate pro-life Christians.

Caroline Davis, a 25-year-old defendant who had previously participated in numerous peaceful protests at abortion clinics in other states, was the prosecution’s key witness. Davis took a plea deal in the state of being “terrified” of coming under legal fire from the federal government for her involvement. Davis is young. She would have been about 23 at the time of the Tennessee protest. She says her thoughts on the matter have changed since she was involved with the group. Yet, likely because of her testimony, six people are facing prison time for up to eleven years and excessive fines. The pro-life activists did not assert violence against any person or property but are being punished for sitting on the floor, singing, and praying that women with abortive appointments might change their hearts and minds. 

I can’t help but wonder how I would’ve responded if I were in Ms. Davis’s shoes. Would I have had the guts as a young woman to stand against the federal government’s strongarm attempt to silence me: their political enemy? I don’t know about you, but this case feels a lot like these folks are facing prison time for not agreeing with the ex-officio state ideology. 

Even though the FACE Act–which outlaws using threats or force to block medical services–went into effect in 1994, there has been an obvious increased weaponizing of the law against pro-lifers since Roe was overturned. In 2023, we saw countless violent attacks on the properties of community pregnancy centers and churches, but oddly, no similar federal prosecution. My home, Nashville, was no exception to the violence against people of faith, but we saw little in prosecutorial response from the feds. 

“…of all of the prosecutions under the FACE Act, 126 were against pro-lifers; four were against people that were contrary to life, or pro-choice.”

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), who introduced a bill last fall to repeal the FACE Act, said in an interview, “…of all of the prosecutions under the FACE Act, 126 were against pro-lifers; four were against people that were contrary to life, or pro-choice.” Roy also questioned Attorney General Merrick Garland before Congress last year about the extreme imbalance of supposed “justice” being wielded by the Civil Rights division of the DOJ. About the ruling, Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke said, “The Justice Department will continue to enforce the FACE Act to protect the rights of those who provide and those who seek access to such services.” One’s hope for such an evenhanded application of justice from AG Clarke, who regularly slanders pregnancy centers as “predatory” and “fake clinics,” might be misplaced.

Rep. Chip Roy grills DOJ’s Kristen Clarke on targeting of pro-life activists like Mark Houck: “The numbers I have are, out of 130 uses of the FACE Act since 1994, 126 were in defense of abortion providers, and 4 have been for pro-life Americans/churches.”

— Mary Margaret Olohan (@MaryMargOlohan) December 5, 2023

While the internet is in a frenzy of gossip about Taylor Swift and upcoming Super Bowl predictions, I’m searching in vain for a response from Christian pundits and leaders and coming up short. Where is the outrage from the church? Why the silence? Do we care that our religious liberties are being eroded daily and the current administration broadly mocks the fundamental right to life? Are we more concerned with our personal safety than the moral judgment on our nation for more than 60 million lives forcibly taken? 

The United States sees an estimated 2,500 innocent lives cut short every day, and more than 40% of those abortions are on women who have already had one previously. This is an epidemic. I’m tired of playing the “don’t offend” game with my fellow citizens. The emotion of offense can be useful; it can be a wake-up call and a turning point toward righteousness. Proverbs 27:6 says, “Faithful are the wounds of a friend; profuse are the kisses of an enemy.” Here’s another question: Are we more concerned with keeping our cadre of milquetoast friends than speaking the truth? If the American Church is more concerned with being seeker-friendly than with the protection of innocent life, we are hypocrites; we are white-washing our behavior as “love” when treating our neighbors (both unborn and their parents) as enemies. If we continue to kowtow to the sanctioned killing off the next generation (of people who would potentially live and grow and thrive in this nation) in the name of not making someone uncomfortable for a few minutes, then we are cowards and deserve the admonishing of the Lord. The unborn and their parents are in the crosshairs of the abortion industry and Biden’s brazen abortion agenda…can we find the conviction to be a true friend to those who need it the most? To speak the truth in love to them, even if the cost is high?

The truth is that abortion ends one life and causes deep trauma to another. It pits the mother and father against their own child and she against her own body. It enables traffickers, pimps, and thugs to continue crimes against women in anonymity. It is an ancient evil dressed in contemporary materialistic nihilism, and it is a billion-dollar industry built on the lie of “freedom” in exchange for death. Biden’s own thuggish Department of Justice is responsible for protecting this industry and antagonizing Christians who dare oppose the insanity. Are you mad yet?

Post by Sara B. Longenecker
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